Fly Fishing Packet GO FLYFISH

Ask us for the price for the entire stay (7 nights) or other options We suggest you to stay in the Hotel Zamek in Hradek by Susice or in Penzion Annin – Pod Lesem, more options possible.

The typical packet includes

  • 7x overnight stay, full board including generous breakfasts, lunch packet, and generous dinner
  • state fishing license
  • fishing permits
  • parking
  • wifi free
  • 5 hours guiding to find the best spots and fly fishing methods
  • map of fishing spots

Price does not include

  • travel and personal insurance
  • additional guiding days
Accommodation and food in Penzion Pod Lesem in Annin
  • bed and breakfast price 21 Eur/person/night
  • lunch packet+ 4 Eur
  • 3 course dinner + 10 Eur
  • single room + 5 Eur
  • 40 Eur full board

Ask us for other options if you prefer different place, we are very flexible

State fishing licenses

You must have this document in order to obtain a fishing permit.

1 month 200 CZK = 8 Eur for turists without valid home fishing permit
1 year 100 CZK = 4 Eur
10 years 500 CZK = 20 Eur

To arrange a state fishing license in advance, please send details of all fishermen of your group at least one week prior your arrival

  • first name, last name
  • home address
  • date of birth
  • copy of the passport
  • copy of valid fishing license or fishing permit from your home country if you own it
Fishing Permits – Western part of the Czech Republic

Otava, Uhlava, and other rivers

1 day 500 CZK = 20 Eur
2 days 800 CZK = 32 Eur
7 days 1 500 CZK = 60 Eur
Fishing Permit – Trophy Part – Otava 6

Only 10 permits per day available, to be booked in advance

1 day 500 CZK = 20 Eur
Fishing permits – Southern part of the Czech Republic

Vltava, Volynka, Blanice, and other rivers

1 day 400 CZK = 16 Eur
3 days 800 CZK = 32 Eur
10 days 1 700 CZK = 68 Eur
17 days 2 500 CZK =100 Eur

Fishing permits are available in the Susice Fishing Club, we will help you to arrange them for you.

Membership in the local fishing club

We can arrange for you membership in the fishing club in Susice. Then you get much more cheaper fishing permits and you will support the club.
We suggest this if ou will stay 1 week or longer. Ask us for details.

Guide services

to fish the best spots, to use the right methods, right flies, Czech nymphing tuition included

Days 1 person Each additional person Otava 6
1 175 Eur +75 Eur +20 Eur
2+ 165 Eur +65 Eur +20 Eur
Exploring the river

If you do not want the full guide service, we can offer you the special service – “Exploring the river”, with a fishing guide for 5 hours, to find the best spots and the best fly fishing methods. Price: 100 Eur per person.

Hiring equipment

we hire fly rod+reel+fly line combo and waders

Equipment Price per day
Fly rod, reel, fly line combo 25 Eur
Waders and boots 25 Eur
Transport expenses

We can arrange transport from the airport to your fishing accommodation in our area.

Distance Price
1 km 0.50 Eur