Otava river is the most significant and important fly fishing river in the western part of Sumava.
The Otava river, fed by two mountain tributaries, the Vydra and the Kremelna, continues from their junction through a beautiful valley of the Sumava National Park and meanders around Annin to flow into the Vltava. The fishing section is about 30 km long, with every bit different, offering new fishing experiences. Read more…

The river can be divided into three areas:
Mountain area – 10 kilometres
The river is faster here, full of large stones, the place is suitable for trout fishing. The ideal method of catching is catching on a dry fly and light nymph. Fisheries Otava 8A, Otava 8.

Middle area – 8 kilometres
You can find here larger pools, the water slows down and fish size is larger. It is possible to catch grayling and bigger brown trout here. Fishery Otava 7

The lower area – 12 kilometres
The river widens, it is more deep, there are beautiful stretches for fishing with nymph and streamer. Here we can find the brook trout and grayling of the size from about 40 to 45 cm, rainbow trouts and brook trouts. Fisheries Otava 6, Otava 5.

Otava 6 by Rabi Castle – Trophy Part
This fishery is excluded from public fishing since 2018 and fly fishers need the special permit to be bought in our shop or on-line at www.otava6.cz. From old bridge in Cepice to conjunction with Koznicky creek below Zichovice village (4.5 km).
There is nice population of large grayling and brown trout. This fishery is stocked by good sized rainbow trout (50-60+ cm).
Special rules for Otava 6: only fly fishing, barbless hooks, catch and release, 10 fly fishers per day.

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