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Got the opportunity to fish the Vltava river in the Chech Republic with Martin Vlk today. Martin is an up and coming angler currently in the Czech youth team. Thanks Jan for organising this even if It was stinking hot and hard work. We caught heaps of fish all of them small on nymphs and sedge drys. Of interest was the large range of species we caught- Brown and Rainbow trout, perch, white fish and barbel.
We fished the Vltava above the lake as at this time of year 3000 to 5000 rafts go down the river daily which Totally stuffs the fishing. We don't realise how good we have it in OZ.
Craig Coltman from Australia, member of Australian 2017 fly fishing team, fishing Vltava river in August 2017
Great time!! Thank you again for the excellent guiding and for showing us your beautiful country. We had an AWESOME time! Also, give our best to Marcella and we look forward to seeing you in the states next year!!
Joann and Jason Randall from the USA, fishing Otava river in July 2017,
Jan, I just wanted to thank yo again for the wonderful job hosting and guiding for my fishing trip in Susice! The remainder of my trip went very well and I am home catching up on rest, unpacking, and going through my pictures.
Jim Myers from the USA-FL, fishing Otava and Tepla Vltava rivers in June 2017
Hello Jan, we spent finally a good week in Sumava. Of course at the beginning the size of the fish could be source of disappointment but the scenery and the river quality were quite top! Moreover we caught some good fish the 2 last days, near the bridge between Hrad Rabí and Zichovice on sector 6. So either way we had great fun, many thanks for the tips! Please find enclosed some pictures of the nice awards!! We keep in touch.
Luc Derochette and Bruno Poskin from Belgium, fishing Otava river in May 2017
Jan, thank you again for a splendid trip to the mountains of the Czech Republic. I really enjoyed the learning and fishing with you. I look forward to sharing these details with others, especially my father, and to seeing you again soon. I had a very pleasant plane ride home and you will be happy to know that I spoke so highly of you with two other fly anglers that I met, I am sure you will soon win new business from them in the future. Let's stay in touch.
Kevin Sousa from the USA, fishing Otava river in May 2017,
Thank you Jan Šiman for the warm welcome to Susice and the great streamer lesson on the river! So cool to see the master in action.
David Surowiecki from the USA, living in Prague and fishing Otava river in May, 2017
You will not have a better fishing vacation with one of the best guides.
Brian Yates from UK, fishing Otava river in September 2016
This was a fantastic fishing trip and one we'll remember for a very long time. We'll be back again as a group in 2018.
Cailean Moore from UK, attending Jan Šiman´s Fly Fishing Masterclass - June 2016
Ahoj Honzo, děkuji za strávení perfektních 3 dní muškaření na Otavě a za Tvůj a Tvých kolegů profesionální přístup. Kurs naprosto splnil všechna má očekávání a to co jsem si za informace a zkušenosti z něj odvezl prakticky používám i u nás doma. Nymfuji už pouze s francouzským návazcem a lov se suchou muškou už je také lepší. Určitě se k Vám budu rád, pokud mi to čas dovolí, vracet.
Petr Holeček from Decin, Czech Republic, attending - Jan Šiman´s Fly Fishing Masterclass - October 2016
Hi Jan, I wanted to thank you for the great time I had with you, especially on the Mountain river. The river and the surroundings were splendid, the density of trouts incredible! I could spent all my holidays there. Many thanks for all your valuable tips for fishing and fly-tying. The winters will be too short for all the flies I want to make. The hotel Gabreta was perfect. I'll certainly try to come back with my wife to hike, bike, and fish around Susice! Thank you so much for the beautiful images! Friendly regards Hubert
Hubert Mutin from France, June 2016 --> Hubert's Photo Gallery
Hello Jan, I have arrived home safely. I am very grateful for your hospitality and good advice. I had a very good time fishing in your country. I was going to try the new rod you sold me on the river Wye today but we have had rain and the river has risen 600mm, so no go. Anyone who asks me about fishing in CZ I will recommend them to you. Best regards Nigel.
Nigel James from UK-Wales, June 2016
Ahoj Honzo, děkuji za perfektní dva dny na Otavě, moc jsem si to užil. Nejenom po odborné ale i po lidské stránce. Kurz naprosto splnil mé očekávání, získal jsem dobrý vhled do muškaření, technik lovu, potřebné výbavě. Rovněž možnost detailně si prohlédnout muškařské potřeby a doplňky přímo na prodejně nebo uvázat vlastní mušku bylo pro mně velice přínosné. Rád dám doporučení dalším zájemcům. Chtěl bych se někdy znovu ukázat, alespoň na 1 den na otočku. Pokud budeš mít cestu do Prahy, můžeme to spojit. Prosím pošli mi linky na uzly, případně nějaké další užitečné informace. Budu trénovat, abych na podzim byl "ready". Měj se dobře a pozdravuj Petra Čecha a Petra Fina, Martin
Martin Hrehovčík from Prague, Czech Republic, attending Jan Siman's Exclusive Fly Fishing course, May 2016
Ahoj Jan, I had a great time fishing, because I caught a fish! It wasn't a big fish, but it took me almost 4 hours to catch it, in the Czech Republic, which makes it one of my favorite fish I ever caught. Jan, it's an amazing area and any time work takes me to Bor, you know I'll be heading that way. Thanks for setting everything up for me, I really appreciate it. If you can, thank Petri Kempainenfor me as well. I'm not sure I would have landed a fish without his tips the previous day. Thanks again Jan, and I'm sure we'll meet again.
John Trumble from USA-MI, May 2016
Thank you very much once again, Jan, for the perfect pictures and also for your support! It was really great meeting you and spending precious time with you!!! Smaranda Neagoe from Romania, August 2015
Hello Jan, just this little mail to thank you for the reservation of pension Annin and to provide us the fishing licences. All was perfect, and the two customers were very happy. See you again this year. Best Regards Dominique. Dominique Schaeck from France, June 2015
Hi Jan and Terry,
Just a quick email to thank you both again for a very enjoyable 3 days fishing. It was interesting, and I learned a lot in the three days, and I am sure I will catch more fish in the future !! Thanks again, and I hope to fish with you both again in the future.
Colin Jones from the UK, 1st Sep 2013
Hi Jan, Thanks for the link to the photos - they look brilliant. I've also found the goflyfish site, which is great, and makes it really easy to share the photos with friends and family. I really enjoyed the trip and your excellent tuition. I just need to put it all into practice on our river. Looking forward to a return to the Czech Republic in the near future.
All the best, Ian Swettenham, UK, 2013-09-02
Tak tu je vysledok prvej rybacky na Hornade: Stav vody: po dvoch tyzdnoch znizili prietok z 200 na 159cm (120 je normal), stave bola vysoka voda, navyse mutna s viditelnostou tak na 30-40cm. Zostava: Francuz, mokra mucha(co sme viazali, taka strasne chlpata, sice myslienka bola drzat to hore, no na mokro fungovala v tejto vode lepsie) a mikronymfa. Lov vo vode so stredne rychlim prudom s hlbkou do 50 cm s pridrziavanim. Vysledok: za 2 hodiny 28 pstruhov (26 potocakov) od 15 do 35 cm (v priemere lovna miera 23cm) plus par ostriezov a jalcov. Vsetky ryby putovali spat ;-) Dakujem! Pavol.
Pavol Kocsis from Slovakia, attending Jan Siman's Exclusive Fly Fishing course, June 2013