Book 10 Deadly River Dry Flies with Tying Instructions – The only dry flies you will ever need

Authors: Jonathan Barnes and Jan Siman

Compiled by two fly fishing champions this book presents the ultimate dry flies suitable for rivers all over the world with clear step by step instructions. The flies have been tried and tested for decades and are a mix of traditional patterns, more modern innovative patterns using CDC and utility patterns with a dual purpose, specifically to suspend nymphs.

The fly patterns represent all aquatic insects including mayflies, stoneflies caddis flies and chironomids also known as Midge.

There are specific species patterns for Ephemera danica which in the UK is generally called “The Mayfly” because it hatches in May on southern English chalkstreams. However this pattern can easily be adapted to represent Green or Brown drakes or other large mayfly species found elsewhere in the World. It has many advantages over traditional large mayfly patterns which tend to be stiff, lifeless and twist tippets.

The patterns range from simple and easy to tie for even for beginners to those that require a greater experience and skill level. They have one important feature in common. They are amazing fish catchers. Armed with these supreme dry flies you can and will catch trout and grayling on streams worldwide.

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