Otava Fish Will Make Your Reel Sing

Otava 2018, Pertti Jalonen, nymph fishing
Nymph fishing at Otava river

In July-August 2017 we – me and my wife together with our daughter and our Czech son-in-law and his parents – spent a weekend in the Sumava National Park in southwestern Bohemia. We stayed at the pittoresque small town of Kasperske Hory, hiked in the surroundings and further away in most tremendous landscapes. We also visited nearby towns as Susice and smaller locations enjoying good food and coffee. Continue reading “Otava Fish Will Make Your Reel Sing”

Jan Siman Czech Nymphing Masterclass, October 2018

There are a few people who have really influenced the development of fly fishing in recent years and Jan Šiman is, in my opinion, one of them. Many would argue that Czech nymphing isn’t fly fishing but if it requires the use of a fly and correct presentation forms a big part of the technique, then I think it is. What’s more, so does Fips Mouche, Fly Fishings international governing body so that’s settled! Continue reading “Jan Siman Czech Nymphing Masterclass, October 2018”

Fly fishing Czech Republic – Bohemia, Fly Fishing Utopia

Otava by Dlouha Ves
Fly Fishing Czech Republic- Bohemia, Fly Fishing Utopia

I have just returned from five days fly fishing Czech Republic. This was a trip to the Otava River in the Sumava National Park, better known as Bohemia.  The area is a continuation of the Bavarian Forest of Germany, where I spend my summers. Due to the language difficulties, I had not previously thought of visiting the area, despite it being so close by. Continue reading “Fly fishing Czech Republic – Bohemia, Fly Fishing Utopia”